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Ch 3: The Game Board
Ch 6: Game Play
Ch 7: Success Results
Ch 8: Scoring
Ch 9: Winning
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reading cards

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SASO cards look more complicated than they actually are. The cards information layout is simple and quick  to process once you have a general understanding. First lets learn the basics.

1. The card's name or title is located at the top of the card. Whenever you play a tactic or rally type, tell your opponent which card it is.

2.  Below the cards name is the info bar.  This gives more information about the cards role or game position. Green text indicates the card is played on offense while red text cards are played on defense.

3.  The symbol in the left top corner is what field condition gives this card bonuses.

(see field conditions)


4. The logo In the right top corner tells what team the card belongs to. (see teams)

5.  The symbols and numbers down the left side of a card are its stats. There are eight possible game stats in total. (see card stats)

6.  The middle left symbol and/or text indicates what type of card it is and where it is placed on the game board during your set phase. Tactic and rally cards have no symbols and are played instantly and discarded. (see card types)

7.  The stars on right side of the middle bar represent the cards rarity. One star (rookie) is the most common where four stars (legend) is rare. The colors of these stars tell you which playing level they are.

8.  The text box covers the majority of the bottom half of a card. This is where a cards abilities or activated effects appear. Most cost momentum indicated by faint background numbers. Colored text tells which phase an ability can be used. Some cards have italicized text, which gives you a sense of the character's persona and the SASO universe.

9.  At the very bottom is the card's artist credits. Without these amazing individuals Stadium: A Sport Odyssey would be nothing but a paper idea. We appreciate each and everyone of them. 

10. Last but not least is the card's collector number. This is for those that realize having an array of choices is always the best strategy. 

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