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Gassed Up - ( Drop Phase, Set Phase ) Place one momentum on this card to gain -1 to Turbine's stats. All momentum on Turbine can not be removed and is lost once he is discarded.


This prospect could redefine the defensive dynamics of the New Freedoms. Enter Chalen Turbine, a rookie poised to unleash havoc upon the opposition.


Turbine may be green, but his untapped abilities speak volumes. Although he may struggle against the nuances of mid-range attacks, once the gears of his defensive instincts start whirring, the spectacle is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Turbine metamorphoses into a bastion against the long pass, a machine against aerial assaults. Picture this: as the signal dares to cast their hopes skyward, Turbine transforms into a kinetic cyclone, intercepting the pass with an otherworldly precision that defies his rookie insignia.

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