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lInk cards

 Link cards are enhancement items that can be attached to specific player cards. These cards provide players with protection from injuries or boost to stats.


To attach, simply place the (permitted) Link cards face up under your active player card in play during your set phase. Only two link cards can be attached to a single player card in play at any given time.

Note: Link cards can only be attached to cards that match its requirements.


In Example A, the Footwear "Vindicators" card is shown. This card can only be attached to a defensive New Freedom player that has a run right and/or a run left stat.


If a Link card has the text “open” or colorless text there is no restriction for that category.

Link cards remain in play until:

  • The player card it’s attached to is discarded.

  • Replaced by another link card.

  • Instructed by another card to be removed or discarded.

  • A turnover occurs.

Example: A
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