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"I'm too old of a dog to get beat by a pup."

Position : Ender

Height : "6'2"     Weight : 245 lbs.

Age : 43             Experience : Veteran

Acquired from : The Outlands

Born as a "Scav" in the outlands, Royce has always fought to survive. Injure or be injured is what he knows and practices on and off the field. He has suffered career ending injuries in many games but remarkably still returns every season.


Despite the boos and jeers of the city's people, Bingo is the starting Ender of the New Freedoms. Outlanders are  not welcomed by the community but his ferociousness is desperately needed on defense. Now If the team can somehow keep his tempered fights to a minimum and him out of Overseer lock up, they just might have a chance at rebuilding the broken city.


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