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Amidst the crowded Shiver hall of bred physical specimens, the draft prospect "Siren" emerges as a paradoxical figure. While her defensive prowess falls short in thwarting the lethal long and mid-range assaults, her allure lies beyond the field. As the daughter of the imperious high chairman Sacrim Estate, Siren is a tidal wave of entitlement, riding on the crest of her family's power. 

Despite her lackluster defensive aptitude, her uncanny proficiency lies not in interceptions or tackles but in the shrewd manipulation of her father's corporate influence. With an ability to conjure financial resources like a sorceress summoning dark forces, she stands as both an asset and a turbulent force, poised to disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the "Land Sharks." Her entitlement and influence may either propel the team to new heights or plunge them into turmoil, making her a captivating but enigmatic prospect for you to consider.

ABILITY - Route Jump

upon reveal + 2

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