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High Function - Any Upgrade- Substance card stats.used by Terrace are increased +1. 


Hailing from the opulent echelons of Subarea's elite pharmaceutical dynasties, Dylan Terrace embodies entitlement and arrogance like a bespoke suit. His bloodline screams wealth, and his off-field exploits dance on the razor's edge of unpredictability. 

Don't be fooled by his lack of natural signal prowess; Terrace compensates with a well-rounded skill set that transforms him into a player of spectacle on the field when synergized with cutting-edge performance apps. Beneath the surface of his obnoxious demeanor lies a strategic mind, an asset that, if harnessed correctly, could elevate the Sharks to unprecedented heights. 

Brace for the ride, Coach, because if you can navigate the tumultuous waters of Terrace's lifestyle, you might just uncover a game-changer for the team's future.

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