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Kneelhaul - ( Conclusion ) After every successful RUN Play, your opponent must discard the bottom card of their pull deck.


Born into the legacy of smugglers, a lineage that once held the title "running backs," Thesis Coralson is a living embodiment of his ancestor's skill set and tenacity. Coralson's talents manifest in a unique blend of adaptability and strategic finesse. His versatility grants the offense an unpredictable arsenal, allowing the Land Sharks to mix up their playcalling. 


While Sting Cavalier, the Land Shark's starting smuggler, is one of the most explosive players in the League, it is Coralson who punishes the defense with methodical relentlessness. He is an elusive specter, a compliment to his bloodline, and a promising storm for Land Sharks opponents on the soaked battlefield of Stadium.

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