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Brick Atlas emerges as a formidable bulwark against the encroaching tides of opposition. Towering like a monolith,

he is a sentinel of the left-side run, an impregnable fortress ensuring no breaches occur in the flank, allowing the smuggler to surge forth with relentless determination.

His protection of the signal, while not flawless, bears testament to his unwavering commitment. However, it is not merely his physical prowess that sets him apart. His uncanny ability to unnerve the opposition, to plant the seeds of doubt and frustration with his relentless taunts from the sidelines, truly cements his status as an influential force in the game.


Lasso Tackle



Burke Patchwork, a formidable offensive powerhouse, comes straight from the rugged streets of Quake City. A man of unwavering determination, he's earned his stripes in the gritty backstreets as a former bouncer at the notorious dive, "Rock Bottom." This no-nonsense guardian is as tough as they come, with a glare that could melt titanium.

While he might not boast the finesse of a pass protector, his prowess lies in his bone-crushing blocks, acting as an impenetrable wall for your smugglers. With a brute force that seems to defy physics, he has an uncanny knack for punching through the opposing defense, creating strategic opportunities for explosive gains in the critical zones. This raw, unyielding force on the field could be the missing link you've been searching for to dominate the upcoming season.


Rush Stun Guardian

Rubble Field.png


Poohbah Carbide is a refreshing blend of optimism and unwavering skill. This vibrant and joyful guardian brings a unique philanthropic spirit to the gridiron, having dedicated countless hours to uplifting local charities. His infectious positivity permeates the team, injecting a much-needed dose of camaraderie and lightheartedness.


Though not renowned for his run-blocking abilities, his nimble footwork is a marvel to behold, especially when safeguarding the signal in cypher goal attempts and orchestrating precise long-pass plays. With a knack for finding humor even in the most intense moments, his remarkable self-awareness serves as both a beacon of inspiration and a shield against potential on-field conflicts. Poohbah Carbine might just be the missing puzzle piece to infuse the team with a sense of unity and resilience, creating a dynamic force to be reckoned with this season.


Instantly gain two momentum from your opponent when Atlas is discarded from the game board.

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