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Broken City.png

thE Ninth lifE


"Extreme weather, earthquakes, floods, tornados, tsunamis, all were the result of its awakening. What its violent presence did to the structure of planet Earth, famine and plagues did to her populations. The starving fed on the hungry till soon what remained was the obesity of pain and the horrific realization that the records of man were at their final logs. 


Earth has always had its moments in time. Her history is rich with stories of decimation and oblivion. She has survived countless battles that have taken her children to the brink of total annihilation. But this, vessel… this, Stadium was indeed the true last war of man. But as always, throughout the history of the human race, there would be a slight glimmer of hope, a dark and desperate last chance, a stand that balanced itself on the fragile legs of hope and faith. Here is your courageous last shot at redemption--  do with it what you will, but make no mistake; this is indeed the 9th life of a species. 


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