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Depth Charge - ( Audible Phase ) Nepturian gains +2 Short Pass for the down if the defense changes their Play card after your Audible.


In the shadowy expanse of Subarean mysteries, Navar Nepturian emerges as a formidable free guard for the Land Sharks; his past shrouded in classified logs from his days as a Subarean Naval commander. The sole survivor of a confidential mission that claimed his team of five, Nepturian's mysterious aura permeates every room he enters. 

Having left the naval echelons, he now dominates his offensive position with an 80% catch rate, a testament to his uncanny talent as a player. However, his commanding demeanor, a residue of military discipline, occasionally clashes with signals lacking leadership fortitude, adding a tempestuous undercurrent to the strategic balance on the field. 

In recruiting Nepturian, the Land Sharks beckon not just a player but a surprising force that may elevate them to the surface of greatness or plunge them into the abyssal depths of failure.

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