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Tidal Match - ( Hike Phase )  Lagoon's stats are doubled If your opponent has a guardian Player card in play.


Coach, brace yourself for a game-changer: Tidus Lagoon, the brooding infiltrator with a taste for blood and a past forged in the dark corners of shark cage-fighting. This colossal warrior, once a reigning champion beneath the waves, has surfaced with an insatiable thirst for a new kind of battle — the brutal fields of the Stadium.


Bored with mundane skirmishes, Lagoon seeks the thrill of a real challenge. Standing out as one of the premier left-side run-stoppers in this year's draft, he brings an unparalleled ferocity to the field. 


While not a speed demon, his menacing presence exerts immense pressure on the signal during passing situations, making every play a potential nightmare for the opposition. Sacking smaller opponents fails to satisfy his appetite for true competition; it's when he faces off against a guardian that his abilities indeed come to life, turning the Stadium into a battleground where his dominance is unrivaled. With many talented guardians entering the draft, you would be wise to consider this menacing force this season.



Solitaire Refinement - Crysus gains -1 to his stats if you have no other Player cards in play.  


Coach, hold onto your seat because the Sharks might be on the brink of a hauntingly brilliant acquisition: Crysus, the dreadful infiltrator shrouded in the shadows of both the deep sea and his own tortured psyche. 


A borderline psychotic force on the field, Crysus is an extreme introvert who thrives in solitude, perhaps a consequence of his eerie deep-sea excursions beyond the confines of the underwater city Subarea. Rumors abound about the origins of his mental state, some attributing it to the dark depths of the ocean, while others whisper of political shame haunting his family name. 


This tortured soul steps onto the field like a madman possessed, with every sack a relentless pursuit of redemption for his family's honor. It's as if he sees the signal as a personal target, a means to reclaim the respect his family once commanded in the political hierarchy. Crysus is more than a player; he's a symphony of darkness, and his presence on the Land Sharks could be the twisted catalyst that turns the tides this season.

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