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player cards

Player cards primarily support play cards. Without players a play card has minimal chance of success.


In Stadium There are 22 players on the field (eleven from both teams) during a play. Only two players from both teams can affect the result of a play. These players are referred to as key players or “playmakers”.


Up to two player cards can be placed in their designated game board areas during a coach’s set phase. A player card’s type symbol must match that of the area it is placed.


Some player cards include both symbols combined therefore they can be placed in either player panel areas. However a coach can only have one  player card with the same type symbol in play at any given time.


Note:  If a coach finds that their opponent has mistakenly set a player card in the wrong area, he or she may call out “illegal set” during their hike phase (see penalties). 


The specific role that a player takes on the field is called their position.  Positions, panel area placement and their roles are as follows:



Signals are the team captains on offense. Their main function is to pass the ball to Gunners, Free Guards or sometimes even smugglers. Signals are also responsible for throwing Cypher Goal attempts.


Guardians are exactly that. Their main function is to protect the Signal. They are also responsible for blocking tacklers for Smugglers as well as Signals when attempting Cypher Goal attempts.


Gunners are the primary targets for Signals. Their main function is to catch the pass and possibly advance the ball further to the end zone, A Gunner's role may also include being the "Drop Returner" on ball Drop Offs. 


Free Guards are offensive hybrids with the characteristics of both a Guardian and a Gunner. Their main function is to block for Smugglers however their ability to also catch Signal passes make them deadly offensive weapons.


Smugglers are the primary ball carriers. Their main function is to receive handoffs from the Signal and rush the ball through or around defenders . A Smuggler's role may also include being the "Drop Returner" on ball Drop Offs and/or catching short passes.



Enders are the team captains on defense. Their main function is to prevent runs up field and make Smugglers pay for the attempt.  They may also be responsible for assist preventing against  short to mid ranged passes.


Infiltrators main focus is one thing and one thing only; to get to the Signal or Smuggler. Their function is to stop runs or passes in the backfield. Infiltrators are also responsible for blocking Cypher Goal attempts.


When a Gunner is giving you problems, call a Jammer.  This position's main function is to disrupt the pass.  A Jammer's role may also include defending against  side runs and drop returns. 


Sentries are strong support players. They assist against the run and pass making them very valuable in any defensive scheme.


Havens are the last line of defense.  Their main function is to defend against mid and long passes. Havens are also responsible for blocking Cypher Goal attempts and possibly defending against drop returns.


Abilities are special player skills that coaches can activate with the use of momentum. Abilities can only be used by active (face up) player cards on the game board. Each ability has a cost of whatever faint number appears in the background of the text box. Red and green text tells a coach which phase an ability can be used.

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